Today’s Alerts – (customized to who logs in and what’s due)

Keep Fulls Due

Next 7 days … Clint Trundle

Next 14 days … Mark White

Next 21 days … Jim Lawrence

Drivers Licenses Due

Next 30 days … Abraham Lincoln

Leak Tests Due

Next 30 days … Randall Morehead

Truck Maintenance Due

Next 7 days … Truck #121 oil change


Current Search Features (use any combination of the following)

- Search on complete and partial name

- Search on city

- Search on county

- Search on zip code

- Search on residential / commercial / public

- Search on keep fulls

- Search on inactive customers only

EXAMPLE: you need a list of all residential keep fulls in a certain city

Upcoming Search Features

- Search on township / section number within a county
- Search on tank manufacturer, year built, regulators, size
- Search on customers living within a mile radius
- Search on customers with multiple tanks, locations

Current Customer Info Features

- Typical customer address, phone, etc

- Nearest intersection, text directions, description of location

- Fence, pets, locks noted on customer view
- Keep inactives in database

Upcoming Customer Info Features

- Track date, % fill on deliveries to watch for leaks/overuse
- Track appliance data … make, model, serial num
- Google Map on every customer view

- Ability to choose multiple customers and create a route in Google Maps

- Ability to send auto email/txt reminders to customers

Upcoming Truck Features

- Track maintenance
- Track daily, weekly, monthly inspections
- Track vital truck info
- Alerts go out when maintenance due
- Track common parts info for in-house work
- Track mileage across state lines for taxes

Upcoming DriverFeatures

- Track vital employee data
-Track CDL endorsements, drivers license info, insurance info
- Alerts go out when renewals due
- Track training, certifications, violations, etc

Current System Features

- Access system anywhere with a Internet connection
- Smart phones, tablets, etc can use easily
- Designed by people in the field for people in the field

Upcoming System Features

- Multiple roles for login (driver, front desk, management)
- Customized alerts upon login based on person’s role
- Based on roles, people only see what they’re allowed to see
- Complete service ticket system
- Data import available upon request
- Multi-tiered tech support

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